Delicious Cake Design FAQ

Why choose Delicious Cake Design?

I am passionate about cake craft, and feel that even the most minute details are important. I don't see a cake as being a success unless the client loves it. I firmly believe that you have don't have to compromise taste for a cake to look good. Many people go to events like weddings and find that while the cake looks beautiful, it tastes awful! My philosophy is that a cake should not only look amazing, but taste amazing! I searched high and low to find a rolled fondant icing that tasted great and this is the only type of fondant I will use. There are always people that will never eat fondant, so I also include layers of delicious buttercream or frosting between the cake layers and belgian chocolate ganache under the fondant for those that will automatically peel the fondant off (without even tasting it!). Using ganache under the fondant also allows me to achieve a beautifully smooth finish with a thinner layer of fondant rather than a thick chalky fondant layer.

Where are you located?

Delicious Cake Design is based in the suburb of Five Dock in Sydney, Australia and is a home based business.

I have a picture of a cake I like. Can you re-create it?

Absolutely! As long as there is enough detail in the picture for me to work with.

When should I order my cake?

I usually require at least 2 weeks notice to make a cake. However it is advisable to order your cake as early as possible to ensure a spot in my schedule. I recommend ordering a month before your event to minimise the risk that I am fully booked for your event date. However, if you require the cake in less than 2 weeks, I'll see what I can do! This may incur an extra charge.

How do I request a quote or place an order?

Please Contact me with an email or by using the enquiry form and let me know the date you require the cake, a description of the cake and/or pictures of the cake you want, the number of people the cake will need to serve and if you wish to serve finger slices or dessert slices. I can then provide you with a quote. Once you are happy with the design and price and would like to place an order a non-refundable deposit ($50 for celebration cakes and 50% for wedding cakes) will be required immediately to secure your order in my schedule. The remaining balance will then be due one working week before pick up/delivery. I will email you a reminder the week the balance is due. No refunds will be possible after the due date of the balance.

Do you deliver or can I pick up my cake?

Cakes can be picked up or we can deliver for an additional cost. Delivery is only available if you are within our delivery area. If you are picking up your cake, please be aware that multiple tier cakes may be delicate to transport. Try to drive slowly!

Do you deliver outside of Sydney?

No I'm afraid we do not deliver outside of Sydney.

Do I need to make an appointment?

An appointment is recommended for bespoke cakes where you would like me to create a design for you. If you already have a picture of a cake design you want copied, or would like one of our previous designs, an appointment is not necessary. We are also happy to work with you via email or over the phone.

How does the bespoke cake design process work?

At our first appointment, I will ask you to bring any pictures from magazines etc of cakes that you like. We will go over these as well as the cakes in my portfolio and work out exactly what you like about each cake and how we can incorporate these elements into a cohesive and attractive design that fits your budget. Then I will create a computer generated mock up for you, which we can tweak until we have a final design. Please note that you will not receive a mock up until a 50% deposit has been paid.

Can I taste your cake selection before putting down a deposit?

For those interested in ordering a wedding cake, there is a small selection of free samples available to try as 1"x1" slices (wedding cake serving size). They are filled with buttercream or frosting but are NOT covered in rolled fondant. Each couple can choose 3 flavours to taste, additional flavours incur a cost. Please note the free sample slices are NOT available for celebration cake clients.

How accurate are the computer generated cake mock ups??

The computer generated mock ups are meant to serve as an aid to help design your cake and to give you an idea of what the finished product will look like. They are reasonably accurate, but the cake will never be 100% exactly the same as the mock up. However, it does come very close! See for yourself, here are some examples of cakes and their design mock ups:

Why would I use sugar flowers instead of fresh ones?

Sugar flowers can be created with any size and/or colour combination that you desire. Unlike real flowers, they are entirely customisable! They also will not wilt, no matter how long they are sitting on your cake, whereas real flowers can start to turn brown quite quickly after being cut. In fact, they can last forever if stored properly and can even be kept as a momento of your special occasion. Sugar flowers are also far more food safe than real flowers which have potential issues with toxicity, poisonous sap, pesticides, dirt and other possible dangers. And most importantly, Delicious Cake Design's sugar flowers look so real that most people don't realise they are made of sugar!

How do you make such realistic looking sugar flowers and leaves?

Each individual flower made by Delicious Cake Design is a work of art. They are meticulously made by hand, petal by petal, to the highest standards. If a sugar flower does not meet my high standards, it does not leave my workshop. Leaves and other foliage are also handcrafted, and various colours of edible dusting powders are used to hand paint them for more realistic depth and shading.

Can I eat the sugar flowers, bears etc?

Please DO NOT EAT the sugar flowers as they contain wires and other non-edible materials necessary for construction and support. Bears and other animals may also contain hard uncooked spaghetti and/or wooden skewers for support and placement on the cake, so it is not advisable to eat them.